Aerodynamics – Part 1
Figure 1 A Car in a Wind tunnel With Luminous Flow Lines for Visualization Aerodynamics is the study of how air or gasses flow and behave when they move through an object (i.e. air flow down a tunnel) or when an object moves through it (car or airplane moving... Read more
Superchargers – All you need to know
Supercharging is a method to increase power output from a given engine without having to increase its displacement. As discussed in our earlier issue on Turbochargers, engines are basically big air pumps. They pump air in, add fuel, combust and then they pump the combustion products in the form... Read more
Electric Cars – All you need to know
The mere concept of an electric car may well be an affront to those of us who worship at the altar of internal combustion, but the concept of electric cars is nothing new. Tesla may be the company that brought electric cars into the limelight in the 21st century,... Read more
Suspension – All you need to know [Part 2]
Welcome back to T&T’s coverage of vehicle suspension. This issue we’ll take a look at some of the most common suspension terms and see what exactly they mean and how it affects how your car handles. Front & Rear Toe The toe on a car suspension refers to the... Read more
Suspension – All you need to know [Part 1]
In a vehicle context, a suspension system is a mechanism that uses sets of levers, arms, mounts, springs and shock absorbers that work in concert to isolate the body from road undulations and help keep the vehicle on the road. The workings of suspension systems may not be as... Read more
How Brakes Work – Part 1
If you like cars, you probably like the sensation of speed. The problem with going fast is the fact that you’re going to have to eventually come to a stop. Your brakes are probably the most important safety related system on your car and possibly the most underrated performance... Read more