Hot Hatch Backs – Fiat 500 Abarth, Mini Cooper S JCW, Suzuki Swift Sport, Audi RS3
The R – Revolution – Honda Type-R
The Game Changers – Mini 850, VW Beetle, Land Rover Series 1, Citreon 2CV
The Perfect Recipe – Start GT and Glanza V
There comes a point in history which occurs quite rarely – when the evolution of technology brings with it a reworking of a formula – taking all that is good of the old and adding a splash of the new to just take it over the top! As I’m... Read more
Ford Escort Mk1 – A Family Affair
A little less than 50 years ago in 1967, the European division of the Ford Motor Company introduced its latest entry into the compact family car sector, to replace the popular 105 series Anglia. The newcomer was christened “Escort” and like the Anglia it was nicely styled but utterly... Read more
Porsche Boxster S – Stuttgart’s Finest
Not Just a Pretty Face What you’re looking at here is quite possibly the fastest road-going Porsche on Sri Lankan soil, and before you ask, that’s no exaggeration. Although Porsche doesn’t claim that the Boxster is a super car, this example that recently landed on our shores features a... Read more
Sparing Partners – Subaru Impreza WRX STi’s
Growing up in the streets of Colombo in the mid to late 90’s automotive eye candy was rather sparse for a young budding petrol head. Far away were the dreams of  Ferraris, Lambos and Porsches in our war torn little island and it’s bustling metropolitan area (although I must... Read more
Lotus Elise – Twin Track Toys
Simple and lightweight. Those are the two words that immediately spring to mind when you mention the Lotus Elise. It’s an ethos that has characterised most cars that come out of the Lotus factory in Norfolk, England and one that is embodied completely by the Elise. These cars are... Read more
The 90’s Monsters – Supra, Skyline, 300zx , Evo, Sti