Emdad Hussain – From The Streets to the Circuit
Some grow up, dreaming of becoming a racing driver. Others are fortunate enough to have that passion nurtured by parents from an early age. But there are also those who experience a shift point in their life, a realisation that their love of cars can also translate into a... Read more
In Conversation with Mike Young
Competing in any sport internationally is a feat in itself. It’s the dream of many an athlete to be recognized and honoured on the intentional stage, competing for glory no longer amongst mere individuals, but against entire nations as well. Last month we met such an athlete, whose exploits... Read more
Dilantha Malagamuwa – Launch of Dilango Racing
It’s approaching evening in the bustling capital of Colombo. A quick glance at my watch confirms it’s turned 10 minutes past 5 o’clock: Rush hour traffic is just about to begin as we stand near Independence Square. Suddenly a loud and exotic roar signals the arrival of the man... Read more
Pasindu Peries – The road to tarmac and gravel glory!
Experience may look good on paper, but it’s exposure that truly counts on the race track. One might gain experience by racing the same car around the same tracks for years on end, but by moving out of the comfort zone and exposing yourself to different disciplines is what... Read more
Shrian Samuel – Life on Two wheels
Wheels, tyres and suspension are perhaps one of the most important aspects of automotive racing. Why? Because they’re the only thing that keeps you in contact with the track – and in many cases, they’re the only things that keep you on the track. That’s why I, as many... Read more
Kaushalya Samarasinghe – Racing, Life and the Love of Cars
Have you ever wanted to be a racing driver? I think most car lovers have at least entertained the notion of tearing around a race track, wheel to wheel in a pack of cars. For most, the closest they’ll ever come to that is confined to the tracks of... Read more
Sacha Peries – The Boosted Life
Passion is a word that’s bandied around quite liberally these days. We all have a passion in life. Maybe it’s for a sport, a hobby or even a business. By virtue of reading this magazine, the chances are that you’re passionate about cars. But how many of us have... Read more