How to change your wiper blades
Wipers are a critical piece of safety equipment when driving in the rain and for cleaning up your windshield when it gets dirty enough to compromise your view of the road. If you can’t see where you’re going on the road while driving, that’s a very serious problem and... Read more
How to read your tire
Tires are one of the most important parts of your car. As the only part of the vehicle in contact with the road, they have to transmit all the forces the car experiences onto the road. Inevitably you’ll have to replace your tires as a car owner at some... Read more
How to – Perform a compression test
For an engine to run you need three things: fuel, spark and compression. If you take one of these away, your engine won’t run. For this issue, we’re going to look into how to check if your compression is working. This test is called a compression test and the... Read more
How to – Change your Air Filter
Your engine needs air. Air + Compression + Fuel +Spark = Combustion, and that bang is what propels your car forward. To prevent particulates and foreign objects from entering the combustion chamber and damaging the engine, the air the engine ingests is fed through a filter. The filter is... Read more
How to – Change your coolant
For this DIY we’re going to try something a little more involved. Periodically changing your coolant is important to make sure your engine is running properly. Internal combustion engines generate a tremendous amount of heat, to ensure the engine is running correctly it’s important to control how hot the... Read more
How to – Clay bar your car
The process of claying a car has been well known through the detailing industry for many years now. however it has become a recent addiction to many petrol heads in the island. In essence it is a method of ridding the paint layer of a vehicle of dirt and... Read more
How to change your spark plugs
Spark plugs are a critical part of your car. Spark plugs are what initiate combustion in the cylinders of your car to provide power to turn the crankshaft and subsequently, the wheels. They contain no moving parts, but they’re exposed to a fairly brutal operating environment and underperforming spark... Read more
How to change your engine oil
Changing oil on your car is a skill that every petrol head should know. Changing oil at suitable intervals ensures that your engine runs smoothly and extends its useful life. Keeping a regular check of your engine’s oil levels is also good practice and can alert you to significant... Read more
Car Maintenance Tips
Cars are indispensable tools for most of us, and if you’re reading this magazine they’re probably more than just a tool to get from A to B. Modern cars have come a long way in the reliability department but it’s still important to maintain your car on a regular... Read more