The Monster Mercedes AMG C63S
Five Hundred and Three Horsepower, Seven Hundred Newton Meters of Torque. Those are numbers that were supercar (or outrageously modified tuner car) territory not that long ago yet in the here and now of 2017 you can get them straight off the showroom floor in a Mercedes Benz C-class,... Read more
The straight cool of a Datsun 260c
“They don’t build then like they used to”. That is a phrase that we have all heard before – especially when it comes to fans of classic cars who prefer the oil, sweat, smells and sounds of the experience of owning and more importantly enjoying an older vehicle, something... Read more
The Dodge Challenger Hell Cat – Simply Sub-lime!
The race for more and more power and more and more shredded tyres – seem to continue with all the big name manufacturers of cars around the world. In the recent past however, and to the delight of all petrol heads the Americans have also joined the party. The... Read more
BMW E36 325i – The Alternative
Design wise, The BMW E36 is one of the most iconic three series renditions of modern memory. From it you can see a very evolutionary path up to today’s latest model , but when it was launched in 1991, it was a direct replacement for the E30 – a... Read more
Dirty Harry – The Snarling 123E Ford Anglia
From the dawn of the development of the automobile – or to be more precise since the automobile has been commonplace among the lives of us mere mortals, there has always been a need to better the machine. Spurred on by the baby boomers of the 30’s and 40’s... Read more
Battle Brothers – Evo vs Sti
Motoring history is chock full of examples of head to head rivalry but it can be argued that nothing comes close to the two decade long sparring match that is known in short form as Sti Vs Evo. Since the early part of the 1990s the Subaru Impreza WRX... Read more
MG – TC – The Original
MG is a name that most car enthusiasts know well, because the brand has long since been synonymous with “British Sports Cars”. Sure there were other makes that built them but if you picture a British Sports Car (the formula is always the same: rear drive, two seats, open... Read more
The Knuckleduster – Yamaha XS650
An encounter with a police bike often does not end well with anyone. However this particular encounter was much more pleasing than the rest. One of the facts that helped with the process was that this particular police bike was on retirement. However when I mean retirement, I do... Read more
Hot Hatchzilla! – Merc’s blistering A45 AMG
AMG, that doyen of growly, tire smokin’, tarmac chomping beasts have tried their hand at a hatchback. And the results, as could be expected are fantastically tasty. The A-Class : a concise history The Mercedes A Class it self first started off in 1997 as a small egg shaped... Read more
Buell Lightening CityX XB9SX
Stockholm Syndrome : When hostages develop positive emotions such as a deep sense of love and passion towards the captor/kidnapper. This perhaps best summarizes what it feels like to Ride the Buell Lightening CityX XB9SX. Sitting within the minimal body work and exposed aluminium frame is a 984cc fuel... Read more