The Knuckleduster – Yamaha XS650
An encounter with a police bike often does not end well with anyone. However this particular encounter was much more pleasing than the rest. One of the facts that helped with the process was that this particular police bike was on retirement. However when I mean retirement, I do... Read more
Buell Lightening CityX XB9SX
Stockholm Syndrome : When hostages develop positive emotions such as a deep sense of love and passion towards the captor/kidnapper. This perhaps best summarizes what it feels like to Ride the Buell Lightening CityX XB9SX. Sitting within the minimal body work and exposed aluminium frame is a 984cc fuel... Read more
Roxanne – The Custom Virago Build
In our relatively small island, the most popular mode of personal transport remains that of the two wheeled variety. Why? Mostly because it’s a simple, inexpensive and practical way of getting around, especially in our notoriously congested city centres that often provides little breathing room for anything wider than... Read more
Cretaceous – A bonkers custom Honda
I’m sure you’ll agree that almost every car and motorcycle owner does something to personalize their machines: It could be as simple as hanging fluffy die from the interior mirror, or as drastic as bolting on a turbocharger. Whatever it is, it goes some way to stamp a mark... Read more
Ducarti Hypermotard – The Italian Brusier
Ducati. Possibly the most revered name in the world of two wheeled motorized transport. Founded in 1926 by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and sons in Bologna, Italy, Ducati has become synonymous with cool and suave. The brand’s classic styling lines as well it’s great engineering innovations such as the Desmodromic... Read more
Yamaha R1-  This is Pure Evil
Compromises are something that both car and bike manufacturers have to make on a regular basis. For example, if you fit a more powerful engine you compromise on making the machine heavier. However when Kunihiko Miwa started work on a bike that would put a 1000cc sports bike back... Read more