The Monster Mercedes AMG C63S The Monster Mercedes AMG C63S
Five Hundred and Three Horsepower, Seven Hundred Newton Meters of Torque. Those are numbers that were supercar (or outrageously modified tuner car) territory not... The Monster Mercedes AMG C63S

Five Hundred and Three Horsepower, Seven Hundred Newton Meters of Torque. Those are numbers that were supercar (or outrageously modified tuner car) territory not that long ago yet in the here and now of 2017 you can get them straight off the showroom floor in a Mercedes Benz C-class, just like the relatively normal looking one you see here. Of course it may LOOK normal but this car really is about as far as you can get from an everyday C180 and that is because of the three letters that you can see on a few places on the car; those letters are A, M & G. What they signify is that this here is the top of the C Class hill, the big dog known as the AMG C63S.

The AMG story will get an article to itself sometime in the future but the short version is this; they started off as an independent tuner dropping the biggest engines they could into regular Mercedes sedans and became so good at it that Mercedes bought and turned them into their in-house high performance merchants. AMG badges have adorned a long line of great cars and were traditionally reserved for big power, hand-finished, high performance models that sat at the top of each Mercedes product category. However in the recent past the marketing department realized that adding some “AMG-ness” would help spice up even the mundane models and as a result now you can even get a C180 fitted with the “AMG Line” package, which is basically a body kit, wheels, exhaust and some light suspension upgrades. Further up the C class line you get the AMG C43, which has a twin turbo V6, all wheel drive and other tweaks which make it more worthy of the badge, but it is at the very top that you come to the really good stuff, the C63 and C63S. The non-S has a bit less power at 469BHP and 650 NM, if you’re wondering.

Back in the day the two numbers after the letter used to indicate engine capacity in AMG models but that is no longer the case. Power for the C63 is provided by not 6.3 but 4.0 Litres, eight cylinders and two turbos, which conspire to produce those figures mentioned above. Thankfully as the top of the C class AMG tree the C63 models still have their engines hand finished in AMGs special engine building shop with one individual bearing responsibility for one engine, who then signs their name on the engine cover once it is built. Whatever Mercedes sees fit to do with the branding, you can be assured that the top line models are every inch real AMG cars.

It’s the noise that you notice most of all, a snarling growl overlaid with a rat-tat-tat popping sound when the throttle is released. You hear this car before you see it and even when you do see it you may not connect the sound to the car in your vision because the C63S is very subtle for a car capable of 0-100 KM/H in Four second flat with a top speed of 290 KM/H. It’s only when you really look that you notice the various changes small and large that are needed to accommodate almost three times the horsepower that you’d get from a C180. For example, the C63 is both wider and very slightly longer than an ordinary C class. The extra length is in the engine compartment, where the front end has been extended by 50mm with specially designed spacers so that the V8 and it’s associated plumbing can fit without an issue and keep cool in all situations. The width is in the wheelarches, which are significantly more flared to fit the 19 inch AMG wheels and super wide tyres. These combine with the quad exhausts out back to signify that something serious lurks within.

Inside, though the fundamentals are the same as any top end C Class, there are lots of things to remind you of what this car is. The seats are the most obvious; big side bolsters, AMG logos embedded, they look serious and are set up to provide exceptional comfort and support. The steering wheel is a unique to AMG item & the instrument cluster is also unique with an AMG menu that has a “racetimer” and various options. You also can’t fail to notice the buttons for the 3 stage “Ride Control”, which adjusts the suspension or the button for the optional Performance Exhaust, which allows you to quieten the car down or bring the noise, depending on your mood. That’s the greatest thing about this car really, if you want it to be a comfortable cruiser like any upper end C-Class, you can easily set it up to do that, while you can just as easily set it up to be a snarling, warp speed road rocket when you feel like it.

It’s that ability to be effortlessly switch between roles that the owner of the C63S likes most about it. As he told us “To me this car is basically the pinnacle of Mercedes’ engineering ability, concentrated into one car. You get the same engine that you have in the AMG GT and similar levels of performance but with four doors, seating for five and a more practical package overall. Honestly the only minor negative point for me is the fact that it is just a bit too subtle in appearance, other than that it is really a fantastic machine!”

We certainly have no arguments about that.

Words: Sajiv Weerakoon
Images: R2 Studio
A big thank you to : The owner

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