The Dodge Challenger Hell Cat – Simply Sub-lime! The Dodge Challenger Hell Cat – Simply Sub-lime!
The race for more and more power and more and more shredded tyres – seem to continue with all the big name manufacturers of... The Dodge Challenger Hell Cat – Simply Sub-lime!

The race for more and more power and more and more shredded tyres – seem to continue with all the big name manufacturers of cars around the world. In the recent past however, and to the delight of all petrol heads the Americans have also joined the party. The American Muscle cars of the 60’s and 70’s were the go to for anyone looking for ridiculous amounts of power and straight line fun. To put into perspective while the Italians we trying to finesse around 300hp from their fine tuned, high revving v12’s the Americans as they always do threw displacement at the problem and were pushing over 425hp from their big block V8’s.

It isn’t likely that we in our little island generally get to enjoy American muscle – and thats why it was an absolute dream to run into this absolutely loud, angry – obnoxious and perfect – Dodge Challenge Hell Cat on a random Sunday afternoon in Colombo.

The Dodge Challenger was one of the front runners in the resurgence of the whole “new one – just like the old one” mantra that American car manufacturers went on during the recent past. While dodge bought out this Challenger which harks back to the iconic 1970 Challenger in looks – Ford and Chevrolet did exactly the same with its new – looks like the old – Mustang and Camaro.

This big lime green feline is quite apart from a stock auto rumbly show no go V8 we have come to expect from American Manufacturers. Its named the Hell Cat for a reason – well to be precise its actually called a Dodge Challenger SRT Hell Cat – but all you need to know is – its got a 6.2 Supercharged HEMI V8 under the bonnet – that means 707hp! oh my!

700hp! Daym thats nice to say and even better to hear! The sound of an angry V8 is something that everyone should experience at least once!

Its bang up to date with on the inside too with fully customizable driving modes to ensure that you get all power! Track, Sport and even an Eco mode for driving around the city scaring little children.

Sitting behind the wheel of this monster is quite imposing – its a big car – but you feel completely cocooned in the drivers seat once you do get in – and lets be honest thats actually where you want to be. One little blip of the throttle makes your hair stand on end as the rumble begins and the super charger whine brings up the background acoustics.

Big Big Brembo brakes to stop this big power car! With huge 20inch wheels and 275 width tyres all around – a little hint that this things wasnt built to run the straight line only. What you dont see are the fully adjustable suspension hidden behind the wheels – that sub 8min Nurburgring time is starting to make sense.

Say it loud and say it proud! This car doesn’t muck about with the graphics it wants you to know exaclty what it is from 5miles away! Only American muscle can pull this off!

My absolute favorite thing about this Hell Cat is the hidden cold air intake within the quad headlights…switch on to power mode and the rings turn red giving all innocent by standers fair warning that this thing is here to cause some serious havoc.

It truly was an absolute pleasure spending a little time with this car on a Sunday afternoon in Colombo. An amazing piece of engineering where everything is turned up to a ear splittings hopelessly impractical and absolutely amazing level. The owner of the Hell Cat expects many more of these big power muscle cars to come in to the island soon – we can’t wait..and I really hope we can have a go.


Words & Images : Shane Walgama
A big thank your to: The owner ( you know who you are)

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